Welcome developer or agency owner!

The objective of this page is to give you all the information needed to synch a software or to send a "bulk" of ads to Logic-Immo.be.

Logic-Immo is currently working with the following software, if you use one of them, just contact our sales department to activate a web pack and you’re good to go!

  • Activimmo
  • APImmo
  • EasyImmo (V1+V2)
  • Facilimmo
  • Fortissimmo
  • Immo-one
  • Max-Immo (Spiritus)
  • Omnicasa
  • Skarabee
  • Sweepbright
  • Swiftimmo
  • Whise (+Fusebox)

If you are a software developer for a real estate software or wish to transfer real estate ads independently, please choose one of the following methods:

Choose API or XML


299 € VAT excluded
Recommended for: real estate software or agencies with IT capabilities
Implementation time: 3 man days
Benefits: live feed, stable synchronization
Step 1

Reach out to it@logic-immo.be to get your i) API gateway token, ii) API Laravel staging token

Step 2

Read our API documentation.

Step 3

Implement and test

Step 4

Coordinate with our IT team and get your production token.


599 € VAT excluded
Recommended for: for real estate agency only, no softwares
Implementation time: 1 man day
Benefits: little capabilities required
Step 1

Reach out to it@logic-immo.be to get i) a file sample and XSD structure, ii) sFTP user/password, iii) the address of the sFTP server

XSD will help you understand XML constraints and file compression requirements.

You shall send 1 real estate per XML file, and up to 20 photos and 5 documents. You can send several XML files at the same time. A sending shall be made of 1 ZIP archive that includes all XML files, and related photos and documents. The archive shall be named <agency_id>YYYYMMDHHmmSS.zip.

Step 2

Implement and test the interface.

Step 3

Once you are satisfied with the test results, share date to it@logic-immo.be your test results and your wished go-live. Once reviewed, our IT team will send you your production credentials.


I am an agency owner, I use a real estate software and I have troubles with my real estate software synching ads to Logic-Immo.be, what should I do?

We understand how disappointing it is to have issues posting ads and how it does affect your business.

There may be however many possible causes responsible for malfunctions between a real estate software and Logic-Immo.be. The recommended approach is to contact your real estate software provider.

Your real estate provider will first investigate the issue at their level. Should the issue have another cause (including an issue on our side), the IT team of your provider will be in touch with ours and we will be able to solve the issue much faster.

All real estate providers working with us are strong partners on which we rely and have set efficient processes to solve IT problems. We do treat issues reported by our partners first.

I am a developer working for a real estate software or I am an agency synching ads to Logic-Immo. be independently and I am currently facing issues, what should I do?

Our partners may contact our IT team directly.